Is Washing Machine Stand Necessary?

No, Using a washing machine stand is not necessary, in fact, none of the washing machine brands suggest using a stand. However, retail dealers in India, use their selling techniques to sell a stand to the customer who buys washing machines from them. Over time people also developed a necessity to use a stand for their loved washing machine because of various reasons like mobility (Movement of the device from one place to another), preventing rusting, and keeping the surface beneath a machine clean (You know we are proud Indians).

Whatever the reasons people build to use a washing machine stand, the reality is the stand will increase the vibrations during the spin and risk of a fall. With that being said in some situations washing machine stands will come in handy and let’s discuss it more:

What are the necessities of using a washing machine stand?

1. Free Mobility of the machine from one place to another

Some people ask: Do LG washing machines have wheels?

A washing machine stand equipped with wheels will ensure the movement of washers from one place to another place in the house. This is an important feature of the stand because neither top-load nor front-load washing machines are equipped with wheels only a few semi-automatic washing machines have wheels.

Especially in the case of a front-load washing machine that weighs above 50 kg it is an uphill battle to move the device from one place to another. The wheels become even more important when the washing machine is regularly used by an elderly person.

2. Prevent the washers from getting rust or corrosion

Prevent the washers from getting rust or corrosion

Over time any metal surface gets rusting, if it comes in contact with water and the outer surface of a washing machine is no exemption, It will also attract rust as most Indians prefer to keep their washers inside the bathroom area or next to a handwash sink, which is a continuous supply of wastewater to the machine.

However, the parts inside will not get affected by this only the outer looks will be affected by rust.

Therefore it is not recommended to keep the machine near an area where water flows regularly even if it is low in quantity. People can’t find a perfect place inside their houses where there is no water flow below the machine, so to keep the washers inside the bathroom area they started using a stand for their washing machine where it will cut the contact between the floor and washer.

3. Keep the surface beneath the washers clean

As Indians do clean the floor inside their house on daily basis they find it difficult to reach the washing machine so they can’t keep it washed clean regularly which results in, over time the floor surface beneath the washer accumulating dirt and insects that is not good for both machines as well as the floor surface.

As stands provide elevation, be they equipped with or without wheels, you can now easily reach beneath the washers and clean the floor surface.

4. Stands provide additional elevation to the washers

All stands will provide additional elevation to the washing machines, which for elderly people it is a very useful addon as they no need to bend down to load or unload laundry, especially in the case of front load washing machine where you need to load your clothes from front side by bending down to access the door.

However, this additional elevation may affect an increase of height in the center of mass of the device, which may also increase the risk of washers falling while spinning at their max RPM.

5. Prevent vibration and noise

Wait… Wait!! don’t quote me on this, However, some retailers will also sell the washing machine stand as anti-vibration equipment that prevents washers from shaking while spinning at high RPM.

Therefore, people believed in the retailers and started using a stand for their washing machines.

The fact is there are even a few stands available in the market where it claims that it observes all vibrations from the washers but, it is not practical that an additional attachment to the washing machine will prevent them from shaking.

Why you shouldn’t use a washing machine stand?

1. Your washing machine warranty will be invalid.

As the probability of your washer falling is high when it is installed on a stand than it is on the floor, therefore the brands will not advise using a washing machine stand and will also consider the brand warranty on washers void.

So kindly ensure to double-check with your washing machine brand that it will allow using a stand for their washers or else your device will be out of warranty.

2. More vibrations and shaking.

As I discussed earlier in the article, the additional elevation will shift the center of mass to a higher position, so shaking will increase because of the extra height and especially when the washing machine is in the spin cycle.

While in the spin cycle the washers will spin at their max RPM, In this max RPM if the device is not properly installed or firmly attached to the floor surface, like in the case of using a stand, it shakes even more than usual.

Therefore it is not recommended to use a stand for the washing machine especially if it is a front-load washing machine because it has the highest RPM (above 1400 RPM while spinning).

3. Risk of falling.

If the washing machine is not properly installed on the stand then there is a chance of falling, especially in the spin cycle because of higher RPM so, kindly ensure to properly install your washer on the stand so that it will not fall off or if possible avoid using the stand.

4. Unnecessary use of a stand.

If your floor surface is flat & doesn’t have an uneven surface and the washing machine is properly installed, then why do you need to add a stand?

If you are ok compromising on wheels, also don’t want extra elevation and you’ve found a perfect place for your washer where it doesn’t get in contact with water, then kindly don’t go with a stand.

On top of that it is an additional expense so think wisely whether you are desperately in need of a washing machine stand or you want to buy it for unnecessary purposes.


Recommended Washing Machines stands Best Buy Links. This is all you need to know about the Washing Machine Stand Necessity. I’ve tried to cover all topics, hope you like this article and gained each and every possible knowledge about the washer stand and now you can decide whether to buy a stand to not.

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